Baby Milk Bath Session / Dallas Child Photographer

Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer

We were planning to do the Baby Milk Bath Session with Myleigh already in March, but with Covid 19 plans changed and we had to postpone our session to June. When we were finally able to do our Baby Milk Bath Session Myleigh was 9 month old.

I ordered some artificial strawberries and made a cute bonnet that suits the theme for our Strawberry and Lemon Milk Bath Session. The day before the session I bought lots of fresh Strawberries and Lemons.

Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer
Isn’t she just so adorable?

Session day came. I decorated the backdrops and I sliced the lemons for the Milk Bath. This way everything would be prepared when my little client arrives. I was getting very excited to finally be able to photograph my babies again.

Then Myleigh arrived. I took her baby pictures nine months ago and followed her since then. She is such a sweet baby and was smiling all the time. I knew from her mom that she loves taking a bath. Perfect! And she is used to wearing big bows. Also perfect! So I knew she would enjoy this bath and would be ok wearing a bonnet.

And I was right. Myleigh loved her Strawberries and Lemons Milk Bath Session. She had so much was fun and was all smiles all the time. She even tried some strawberries and lemons.

You can read more about Milk Bath Sessions and why they are so good for you in one of my previous posts.

If you would like to book your Milk Bath session please contact me. I would love to prepare your Milk Bath session how you envision it. There are so many possibilities. You can add fruits, flowers and even vegetables. How about a Honey and Lavender or an Oranges and Cinnamon Milk Bath?

Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer
Look at that happy baby!
Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer

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    Newborn Safety – DFW Newborn Session

    When it comes to choosing the right Photographer for your Newborn Session have a look a the Newborn Safety precautions that will be taken. Newborn Safety is one of my top priorities at all times! Be assured that your most precious gift is in good hands and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I am a mother of two precious girls and still remember the worries I went through when they were just born. I hope that if you are located in the DFW Metroplex area, you will choose White Lavender Photography for your Newborn Photography needs.

    How to sooth babies

    During this times with COVID 19 hygiene is even more important than ever. However, it always was and will always be very impotent to me. Not only the cleanliness of my studio as well as my outfits, wraps and props, but also the use of hand sanitizer and washing hands often during the session.

    My studio will be deep cleaned after each session. Every wrap or outfit that was used will be washed before it will be used again. Backdrops and headbands will be steamed and sanitized right before the session and every prop will be cleaned as well. Even my camera will be sanitized before each session.

    Not every pose is safe for your baby and requires a composite made out of three or more images. No baby should ever forced into a certain pose. Every baby is different and some are more bendable than others. Therefore my sessions are always led by the baby. If baby doesn’t like to be in a certain pose, I will go on to the next pose.


    Posing a baby needs a lot of patience. Patience is the key! My parents often call me the Baby whisperer 🙂 But it is not only patience. It is always good to know some good tricks to soothe a baby.

    There should be a spotter next to baby at all times. Not every photographer chooses to have an assistant, but I know from experience that parents love to be involved in their baby’s Newborn Session.

    I love sibling pictures and including your fur baby. Those images are composites most of the time to make sure baby is safe.


    Every time I go to my yearly checkup I will make sure I have all the vaccinations needed to be safe for my pregnant clients and my newborns.

    But not only Newborn Safety should be considered when choosing your Newborn Photographer. There are a lot of other things you might want to check, like quality, style and pricing.

    It is important to remember that photographers put much more into a session than just the time spent with you. A photographer running a legal business with insurance, lots of training and other business expenses will almost always be more expensive. When booking your session, always remember, you get what you pay for.

    Are you ready to schedule your session with me? I would love discuss what you have in mind for your Newborn Session.

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      Milk Bath Maternity Session – Flower Mound Maternity Photographer

      A Milk Bath Maternity Session is a Spa like experience and a unique way to capture your beautiful belly. Even Cleopatra knew that a bath in milk is relaxing and a great way to revitalize your skin. She took a donkey milk bath every day to stay young and beautiful. Feel like a Queen and get pampered like a goddess during your Session. Just pick your favorite flowers and colors for your Milk Bath Session and I will capture some great pictures of you.


      If you are wondering what to wear during your Milk Bath Maternity Session a lace dress is the go to outfit. It is a gorgeous and feminine dress with an almost goddess-like look that is very comfortable. You can bring your own dress or pick one from my maternity robes closet. Feel free to browse my Maternity Portfolio to see the beautiful dresses you can use. Are you ready to book your session with me? Great! I can’t wait to take your beautiful pictures.

      Want to take a milk bath at home? Here is how I prepare the milk bath for my Milk Bath Maternity Sessions.

      1. Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water
      2. Add one gallon whole milk
      3. Add one cup powdered milk
      4. Mix everything well
      5. Add your favorite scents or flowers
      6. Enjoy your relaxing bath
      7. Rinse off thoroughly

      A Milk Bath Session is not only great for Maternity sessions, but also for Milestone and One year birthday sessions. I love to do that for my little babies and they love to bath and giggle a lot. Well, and this is what we want to capture in your images! Instead of adding flowers to the milk bath I like to use colorful and great smelling fresh fruits like strawberries and lemons. Can you imagine the smell? Can you imagine how awesome those pictures will look?

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        Sooth Fussy Babies – Dallas Newborn Photographer

        To sooth fussy babies is easier than you think. It just needs some experience and patience. My clients always tell me that I am a Baby Whisperer. Being in business as Dallas Newborn Photographer since 2013 and raising my own two beautiful girls gave me a lot of experience in how to sooth fussy babies. Each baby is different and has its own personality. However, there a few things you can do to calm your baby.

        1. Babies love to get swaddled
        If I have a fussy baby during my newborn sessions I will swaddle it with a beautiful wrap. Parents can choose from a lot of colors. Babies feel like being back in mommies womb and fall asleep mostly while being wrapped.

        Dallas Fine Art Newborn Photographer

        2. Babies love a warm environment
        When babies are going to be photographed naked or in an outfit they can easily get cold. Therefore it needs to be very warm in my studio. That allows baby to stay comfortable and sleepy the whole time.

        3. Babies love to suck
        To distract a baby during transitions between poses it is always good to have a pacifier handy. Some babies tend to wake up and will fall back to sleep after sucking the pacifier for a little bit.

        4. Babies love a full tummy
        Because it is warm in my studio, baby needs more food than usually to keep him/her hydrated. You can easily see when a baby is getting hungry when they open their mouth and try to suck.

        5. Babies need love
        I allow a lot of feeding and cuddling time for baby and parents during their newborn session. A regular session can take up to 3 hours. Something that babies love and that works all the time during a session is to lightly touch baby’s forehead or the bridge of his/her nose

        While posing a baby during their Newborn Session I will always pay attention to baby’s needs and let them lead the session. Through their cues and prompts I can tell which poses they like and which they don’t. I would never force a baby into a certain pose. As a very experienced Dallas Newborn Photographer I can tell only a happy baby is a sleepy baby.

        Are you ready to book your newborn session? I would love to chat with you! Please contact me.

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          Flower Mound Photographer

          Thank you so much to all my clients for choosing me as your Flower Mound Photographer. A big shoutout to all my sweet clients! I really appreciate every one of you, and love to capture those beautiful memories for you!

          Another year has passed and I am so exited to go into my 8th year of business here in DFW. All the snuggles I get from my tiniest clients, those sweet and cuddly Newborns are so heartwarming! But not only the human Newborn Babies melt my heart, but also those adorable fur babies. I was honored to photograph almost two dozen dogs this past year. I love Dog Photography and to capture their personalities. Please bring them in. They are a part of your family.

          I love the laughter and smiles I get from my Fairies, Mermaids and Angels during our Magical Storybook Photo Sessions. This is what makes me happy and what brightens up my day. Capturing memories for all my Seniors, Families, Brides and Grooms is what is the most important for me, memories that will last a lifetime.

          I am very excited what 2020 will bring. In this gallery are just a few of my favorite images. Please find more of my work in my portfolio, on facebook or Instagram. I would love to create beautiful memories for your family, too! Please contact me if you are interested.

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