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To sooth fussy babies is easier than you think. It just needs some experience and patience. My clients always tell me that I am a Baby Whisperer. Being in business as Dallas Newborn Photographer since 2013 and raising my own two beautiful girls gave me a lot of experience in how to sooth fussy babies. Each baby is different and has its own personality. However, there a few things you can do to calm your baby.

1. Babies love to get swaddled
If I have a fussy baby during my newborn sessions I will swaddle it with a beautiful wrap. Parents can choose from a lot of colors. Babies feel like being back in mommies womb and fall asleep mostly while being wrapped.

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2. Babies love a warm environment
When babies are going to be photographed naked or in an outfit they can easily get cold. Therefore it needs to be very warm in my studio. That allows baby to stay comfortable and sleepy the whole time.

3. Babies love to suck
To distract a baby during transitions between poses it is always good to have a pacifier handy. Some babies tend to wake up and will fall back to sleep after sucking the pacifier for a little bit.

4. Babies love a full tummy
Because it is warm in my studio, baby needs more food than usually to keep him/her hydrated. You can easily see when a baby is getting hungry when they open their mouth and try to suck.

5. Babies need love
I allow a lot of feeding and cuddling time for baby and parents during their newborn session. A regular session can take up to 3 hours. Something that babies love and that works all the time during a session is to lightly touch baby’s forehead or the bridge of his/her nose

While posing a baby during their Newborn Session I will always pay attention to baby’s needs and let them lead the session. Through their cues and prompts I can tell which poses they like and which they don’t. I would never force a baby into a certain pose. As a very experienced Dallas Newborn Photographer I can tell only a happy baby is a sleepy baby.

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