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Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer

We were planning to do the Baby Milk Bath Session with Myleigh already in March, but with Covid 19 plans changed and we had to postpone our session to June. When we were finally able to do our Baby Milk Bath Session Myleigh was 9 month old.

I ordered some artificial strawberries and made a cute bonnet that suits the theme for our Strawberry and Lemon Milk Bath Session. The day before the session I bought lots of fresh Strawberries and Lemons.

Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer
Isn’t she just so adorable?

Session day came. I decorated the backdrops and I sliced the lemons for the Milk Bath. This way everything would be prepared when my little client arrives. I was getting very excited to finally be able to photograph my babies again.

Then Myleigh arrived. I took her baby pictures nine months ago and followed her since then. She is such a sweet baby and was smiling all the time. I knew from her mom that she loves taking a bath. Perfect! And she is used to wearing big bows. Also perfect! So I knew she would enjoy this bath and would be ok wearing a bonnet.

And I was right. Myleigh loved her Strawberries and Lemons Milk Bath Session. She had so much was fun and was all smiles all the time. She even tried some strawberries and lemons.

You can read more about Milk Bath Sessions and why they are so good for you in one of my previous posts.

If you would like to book your Milk Bath session please contact me. I would love to prepare your Milk Bath session how you envision it. There are so many possibilities. You can add fruits, flowers and even vegetables. How about a Honey and Lavender or an Oranges and Cinnamon Milk Bath?

Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer
Look at that happy baby!
Milk Bath Session Dallas Child Photographer

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