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When it comes to choosing the right Photographer for your Newborn Session have a look a the Newborn Safety precautions that will be taken. Newborn Safety is one of my top priorities at all times! Be assured that your most precious gift is in good hands and there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I am a mother of two precious girls and still remember the worries I went through when they were just born. I hope that if you are located in the DFW Metroplex area, you will choose White Lavender Photography for your Newborn Photography needs.


During this times with COVID 19 hygiene is even more important than ever. However, it always was and will always be very impotent to me. Not only the cleanliness of my studio as well as my outfits, wraps and props, but also the use of hand sanitizer and washing hands often during the session.

My studio will be deep cleaned after each session. Every wrap or outfit that was used will be washed before it will be used again. Backdrops and headbands will be steamed and sanitized right before the session and every prop will be cleaned as well. Even my camera will be sanitized before each session.

Not every pose is safe for your baby and requires a composite made out of three or more images. No baby should ever forced into a certain pose. Every baby is different and some are more bendable than others. Therefore my sessions are always led by the baby. If baby doesn’t like to be in a certain pose, I will go on to the next pose.

Posing a baby needs a lot of patience. Patience is the key! My parents often call me the Baby whisperer 🙂 But it is not only patience. It is always good to know some good tricks to soothe a baby.

How to sooth babies

There should be a spotter next to baby at all times. Not every photographer chooses to have an assistant, but I know from experience that parents love to be involved in their baby’s Newborn Session.

I love sibling pictures and including your fur baby. Those images are composites most of the time to make sure baby is safe.


Every time I go to my yearly checkup I will make sure I have all the vaccinations needed to be safe for my pregnant clients and my newborns.

But not only Newborn Safety should be considered when choosing your Newborn Photographer. There are a lot of other things you might want to check, like quality, style and pricing.

It is important to remember that photographers put much more into a session than just the time spent with you. A photographer running a legal business with insurance, lots of training and other business expenses will almost always be more expensive. When booking your session, always remember, you get what you pay for.

Are you ready to schedule your session with me? I would love discuss what you have in mind for your Newborn Session.

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